Chi-ro-prac-tic (noun). 

"A system of optimising human performance and potential by restoring and enhancing the body's function."

The name "chiropractic" comes from the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (action), and simply means "done-by-hand". 


Chiropractic focuses on restoring, preserving, and optimising a state of balance (homeostasis) in the body through non-invasive, hands-on care, in other words without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractors specialise in the assessment and treatment of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, meaning the nervous system, joints and muscles. Treatments are focussed on restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system and locating regions of stress on the nervous system. Most commonly patients seek help with back and neck pain, but the whole body can work better with a nervous system that is functioning fully and uninhibited.

I had been searching for a very long time for a solution to my joint pains, muscle tension and fatigue. After a chiropractic treatment I am more in balance, with more energy and flexibility. 


I.D Aalst, East-Flanders

Gert has been my chiropractor during my career as an olympic gymnast. He has consistently been by my side, given me invaluable advice and performed wonders with his treatments. I have never found anyone who has been able to help me so well on so many different levels. 


D.M, Limburg

As the master-controller of our bodies, our nervous system plays a key role in our health. Because of its many connections with the spine and musculoskeletal system, imbalances in one system will almost always influence the other. Chiropractors are specially trained to locate these areas of nervous system stress and release them, allowing your body to function and restore itself more optimally.


Your nervous system is largely housed by your spine and skull, so these are the areas where we typically focus our attention, assessing where poor functioning joints, muscles and nerves result in pain and reduced mobility and impact on general health. Typically chiropractic treatment involves a blend of skilful realignment (called an "adjustment") to restore joint movement, coupled with specific techniques to encourage the body back into a state of balance.

As chiropractors we have undergone extensive and lengthy training and gained a master’s degree to become Doctors of Chiropractic. All our treatments are recognised by the Belgian mutuality system and we are fully regulated members of the Belgian Association of Chiropractors (BCU).


We are passionate about always being able to provide the highest standard of care and frequently undergo continuing professional development to increase our skills and knowledge.

My 3-year-old daughter is so relaxed during her treatments with Chloe that she often falls asleep on the treatment table! She calls Chloe the "wonder-doctor". 


I.VS Merelbeke


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