Physiotherapy in Aalst

In our practice in Aalst we are proud to offer specialised physiotherapy sessions with Carolien Van Royen and Aran Tulkens.


In addition to general revalidation post-operatively or from injuries, our physiotherapists also work very closely with the chiropractors to help you to get the best from your body. Our chiropractors are experts at restoring balance in the body and releasing pressure on the nervous system, allowing you to better deal with pain and stress. However, pre-learned patterns and ingrained postures can quickly throw us back off balance and back into a state of pain. Our physiotherapists are perfectly placed at these times to guide you into a more balanced state using specialised manual treatments and exercise therapy.


A typical session with the physiotherapists will first work to release any tensions on your muscles and soft tissues using manual therapy (massage, stretches and muscle releases). Carolien and Aran are also certified in the use of Dry Needling which is a very effective treatment for muscle tension and trigger points. You will then be guided through new movement strategies to prevent problems from recurring. You will work on exercises, fine tune your posture, and learn new techniques to manage pain yourself. The emphasis from your sessions will be on active movement, with a focus on detailed and personal exercise programs.

Services offered by physiotherapists Carolien and Aran:


  • General revalidation post-operatively or after injury

  • Referral from huisarts for specific complaints (acute or chronic)

  • Sport-related injury rehabilitation

  • Specialised movement therapy

  • Dry needling


You may consult our physiotherapists with or without a referral from your doctor.



Carolien Van Royen graduated in 2016 from the university of Gent with a Masters in Kinesitherapie. In the last year she has also gained certification in further specialised techniques: RedCord, Dry Needling and Ido Portal Movement Culture. Since she was 5 years old, Carolien has been very active in the sport-world, competing at a high level in Javelin. Carolien takes much of her inspiration for her treatments from her experience on the athletics field, using a combination of specific manual techniques and creative exercise plans to reach the best results for her patients.




Aran Tulkens also graduated in 2016 from the University of Gent with a Master in Kinesitherapie. Aran is also very passionate about delivering the best service to his patients, and has also specialised further in RedCord, Dry Needling and Ido Portal techniques. Aran is very attentive with his movement analysis, and enjoys using a combination of exercises and treatments on the table to get the best results. He always strives to find risk-factors that may lead to a slower revalidation or a greater chance of chronicity, and finds creative ways to help his patients overcome these obstacles.  

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